• “I would suggest you take prescribed medication”

    ..was the answer given Larry when he asked the psychiatrist what he should do about his problem.

    Larry found this response to be so disagreeable that he promptly left the doctor’s office even though there was still half a session to be had.

    With a somewhat more shuffley manner to his walking he exited the building. On his way out he passed a security guard who was meticulously tapping several sheets of paper against the counter behind which he stood. Larry continued on through the lobby and out the automatic sliding doors into the bright light that was rather harshly being rained down upon him by a seemingly all too close sun.

    Troubled and downtrodden Larry failed to observe several traffic signs denoting restricted pedestrian movements. The least of which, if the odds weren’t in his favor, could have ceased his existence let alone maimed him for life. He was oblivious to everything…  everything from the caterpillar inching its way across the sidewalk to the sirens resounding back and forth inside his ears.

    His troubles seemed paramount to the entire world and all that it contained. Time held no meaning. Life held no warmth, and God did not exist… that was until he saw it.

    Larry looked up to see what had released him from this morose walk.

    He froze, barely able to breathe. Disarmed and fragile, this moment was etched in his mind like a face bronzed for eternity. The hands of time released their grasp. His heart resumed its normal course and God smiled on him as if they were old friends.

    It was the BevMo 5 cent sale. They had a huge selection of wines where if you bought one wine you could get the second bottle for only a nickel. It reminded him of when you could get the second scoop of Thrifty ice cream for only a nickel.


    No I’m not being paid by BevMo. I just wanted to find an interesting segue into an inexpensive wine post. I do remember that bit about Thrifty ice cream. First scoop 15 cents each additional a nickel.




    Anyway, back to wine..


    If you like them big and jammy then the Buccaneer Zinfandel is for you. Rich and bold to begin with, your mouth then fills with fruit as if you were playing chubby bunny with boysenberries.



    It’s about $10 a piece for 2 which is great for what it is.


    If you’re a fan of inexpensive white wine, like me, the Loredona Pinot Grigio at $6 a bottle will do the trick.



    The winery had this to say about it:


    The 2009 Loredona Vineyards Pinot Grigio features aromas of white peach, nectarine and spring flowers followed by flavors of lemon, stone fruit, crisp Fuji apple and ripe pear.

    Enjoy the 2009 Loredona Vineyards Monterey Pinot Grigio with sushi, spring greens and goat cheese salad, lightly battered pan-fried shrimp or grilled chicken


    A wine available online at K&L Wines that I absolutely love even at the steep price of $25 is

    2008 Foley Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir



    They describe it as:

    This classic Pinot Noir opens with enticing aromas of dark berries, chocolate and toasty oak. The palate is laced with cherries, blackberries, vanilla and lavender. This is a rich, fleshy wine held together with a solid backbone of silky tannins and firm natural acidity. It drinks beautifully with duck, turkey, grilled meats and salmon.

    Another wine that K&L Wines has that is an incredible steal is:

    2010 Foxglove Central Coast Chardonnay


    90 Points Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate

      The 2010 Chardonnay is one of the top values in California wine. It possesses tons of ripe, varietal fruit in a style that is quite rich but not heavy. Clean citrus and floral notes add freshness on the long finish. Lees stirring gives the wine much of its richness, while aging in steel helps maintain freshness. There is remarkable depth and textural finesse here, never mind a price that is mind-boggling for this level of quality. Anticipated maturity: 2011-2014. I was blown away by the two wines I tasted from Foxglove, Bob and Jim Varner’s negociant label. The Varners clearly have the magic touch. These are among the finest values readers will find anywhere in the world.   (8/ 2011)
    K&L Notes
    The Varner brothers (Varner, Neely) make some of our favorite value wines in California under the Foxglove label–always fruit-filled, balanced and polished–and this under $15 Chardonnay is a fantastic offering from the cooler 2010 vintage. The majority of the fruit comes from Los Alamos in Santa Barbara County, with about a third coming from Paso Robles and Greefield in Monterery County. Leesy and rich, without being overtly buttery (this doesn’t undergo malo) this vintage is packed with pear and citrus fruit, with a streak of minerals and great freshness. Better and more balanced than a lot of California Chardonnays twice the price.

    So go for it. Get a bottle of something fun.