• I read an article the other day. ‘Why do I write about wine?’ The author was defending himself against a comment someone put on his Facebook page.

    ‘Enough about wine. Real people are struggling in the world.’

    I found the comment to be ridiculous and down right asinine, but the commenter was a respected friend of his so it prompted the aforementioned blog.

    My immediate guttural response would’ve been ‘(expletive) you! I do what I want.’

    This response however doesn’t express any details about those feelings.

    Why do I write about wine when real people are struggling in the world? Why do I ink such superfluous ideas about this banal liquid that seems to do nothing constructive when there are people starving, dying, homeless, mentally ill, injured, traumatized or even just down on their luck?

    Lemme start by saying I am no Mother Theresa. I could devote more of my time to something that could better society, but I honestly believe I am already doing just that.

    One of the biggest killers in the US is the heart attack. I wrote a post ages past about all the health benefits of wine, not just heart benefits, but stress reduction as well.

    I make an effort to keep a positive outlook on life. Wine is a way for me to lighten the mood. Wine has a way of adding a cool breeze to that hot summer day. It can dim the lights and add candles to your evening, or it can calm your prefrontal cortex giving you respite from a harsh day.

    What person wants nothing more than to dwell on misery and despair? Show me one such person and I will show you someone with a mental disorder.

    That having been established I say everyone wants a distraction from time to time.

    I embrace this school of thought. There are so many things that would weigh heavily on my mind at all times if I let them.

    I write about wine for so many reasons, but this is one of my foremost. People need a distraction (in moderation and at appropriate times of course) to function at their best. For some, wine is that needed distraction.

    We’ve arrived now at wine being a requirement for an efficient and manageable life. I make a point in these posts of facilitating an understanding of wine that enhances the effect of this much needed distraction.

    I help you appreciate the wine. I help you get a wine more suited to your tastes, and I help you save money while doing it.

    Wine lubricates conversation, increases bonding and camaraderie, takes you places and instills memory markers.

    ‘Oh remember that wine we had at our picnic?’ (cue fond memory)



    ‘Ooo that’s the same Champagne we had on New Years Eve last year.’

    If you travel somewhere and have a wine from a specific region like Burgundy, France or Barolo, Italy or Napa, CA then whenever you see that region on a wine label you will reminisce about your time there. I know I do.



    Why do I write about wine?

    I have a motto ‘changing the world the only way I know how.’

    This is one way that I can change the world for the better and damn it if I don’t alleviate some struggling people’s worry if only for a little bit.

    Hallelujah, where’s the Tylenol?


    – Jonathan Hood