This question was asked of me a while back, and just for (explicative) and giggles I decided to answer

    I guess it could be a two parter. One way of thinking would be which varietal is typically vinified with the highest alcohol percentage thereby getting you both drunk enough to overcome social anxieties, or make you forget your initial displeasure of said other person.

    In that case I would go with Syrah. Its often fermented to sixteen percent alcohol by volume, or more in California, but has so much black fruit on the palate that it hides the alcohol well, making it approachable yet potent.

    If the whole “let’s get pissed” and see where we end up thing is not your modus operandi than my second approach to this topic would be to woo the person or persons in question with charm, beauty and intelligence.

    For this you need a different animal altogether.

    I suggest either Pinot Noir or Barbaresco (Nebbiolo.)

    Pinot Noir, preferably from Sonoma Coast or Santa Barbara if you want to stay in California, can be complex with an herb or spiced nose, bright cherry on the palate with a hint of cola a zing of acid, yet a fullness of fruit with a sparkle of earth on occasion for good measure.

    Au Bon Climat is consistently fabulous for Pinot Noir as well as Foxen and Longoria.


    Whomever you’re trying to impress will surely be just that, impressed, with your ability to pick such a refined and beautiful wine.

    Take this mentality one step further with Barbaresco.

    Nebbiolo is most commonly on the shelves from Barolo, Barbaresco, or Langhe. All of which are from Piemonte (Piedmont), Italy.

    If you busted out a Barbaresco. Gave a poetic diatribe about how Italians consider wine from this area to be the queen of all wines on account of the bouquet of dried rose petals, the softer more approachable tannins with a slightly more pronounced fruit palate and hint of dust and brick (unlike the king of wines, Barolo, which is a more aggressive beast.) I’m certain that your chances of enamoring the other person with your wit suddenly went through the roof.

    *side note from the author: Do not under any circumstances act like a know it all, rather approach the subject with a sort of poetry that is easy to achieve with soft tones and a glass of wine.


    I like to encourage people to use their own charm to win that special someone, but I don’t begrudge anyone for using a few bits of knowledge to make that a possibility.

    Enjoy your wine and by all means enjoy it with someone else whenever possible.