• Let it begin with a chase..


    I wrote about Western Grace Brandy in the post ‘That’s some damn fine brandy you’ve got there’. I got to talking with two of the WGB dudes (hope they don’t mind me shortening the name or calling them dudes).

    I just so happen to be going to a dirty little city out in the desert, and their distiller Joe is gonna be there too. We decided it would be fun for me to show up out of the blue and offer him a drink of WGB as if just by chance.

    Dave arranged for it to be sent. My leave date however, got pushed up to Thursday (original day for delivery). By dumb luck it was scheduled for Wednesday. Only one problem, adult signature required and I was leaving the house. I called UPS to see if I could schedule a meet. It wasn’t looking good. I left the house and saw a UPS truck turning away from the house. I thought, no way is it my truck. I like to bike to work, so I chased him on my bike to his next stop. I rolled up along side the truck. He was dropping off a package, but asked what I needed. I told him, and he said ‘Ah, I just got a text about that. I was just on my way up into those hills.” He had it!


    I carried it on bike back up the hill to my house.





    The journey begins today, but I wanted to start the tale before I left.


    My trusty steed

    Everything I’m taking..

    To top it off.. I wanted to stand out more, so I dyed my hair pink.

    Let the quest for Joe of Western Grace Brandy begin!!