• My last post didn’t include Ahsan because it was just too serious, so I decided to put it in a separate post all by itself. No wine just Ahsan.

    When we left Ahsan he had just hatched his brilliant plan, and his colleague Frank was getting supplies….


    Ahsan greeted Frank at the door of the old CalTech lab.

    “It’s been too long,” Ahsan said as he ushered Frank in. Frank was carrying two very large cases. He set them on the table closest to the door and turned to Ahsan. He held up his finger in the universal ‘shush’ sign.

    He unlatched one of the cases and pulled out an odd looking device. Pushing a button, the device beeped and then Frank spoke. “Sorry, I had to set this up first. Thankfully they don’t have video, but those guys you’re in bed with are some pretty nasty characters. Why did you meet them here? They have audio on this place already and they just got your phones. They even have the ‘secure’ one. This little baby (Frank said as he patted the device) creates a white noise to cover up our conversations and broadcasts some benign conversations you’ve had in the past. My own creation.



    Ahsan smiled. “Genious. In answer to your question, I met them here to let them keep an eye on their investment. You should’ve guessed that” Ahsan said in a playfully mocking way.

    “Yeah, I kinda figured. Here’s a new phone, but use your old one for everything except when absolutely necessary so as not to raise suspicion. They don’t know about me yet so that’s an ace up our sleeve for now.”

    “How’d you accomplish that? Don’t they have eyes on us?”

    Frank just gave a smile and a nod as a reply. “So I’ve got all your equipment. I’ve got the DNA samples, threw in some jellyfish DNA for good measure, and they were keeping an eye on your money so I moved it to a safer location.” Frank said as he handed Ahsan a card with all the bank info on it.



    The jellyfish DNA was a nice touch. Ahsan would’ve been shocked by all this if it were the first time he’d worked with Frank, but as it was he just took it in stride.

    “How long will this project take? Have you got an exit strategy cause these guys are playing for keeps.”

    “Yup, and you being an unknown makes it a hell of a lot easier. How big is there organization? Do you think think they’ll chase me if I give them the product, because I’m definitely not sticking around to let them kill me.”

    “Most of their ’employees’ don’t get away, but if they get what they want they only chase for about a year.”

    How Frank came up with this info always impressed Ahsan. “That’s good news. This is going to take me anywhere from two to five months. I’m working with some unknowns here so I can’t be certain.”

    As Frank was heading out the door he said, “All right well get crackin’ cause they’ll get antsy quick. I heard a rumor that they’ve already sold your invention to a couple of buyers sight unseen.”

    Ahsan closed the door behind Frank as a chill of foreboding settled over him…

    (to be continued)