• I try to start every morning with a healthy breakfast. Some days its 2 Excedrin a bowl of fruit loops and some swiss cheese other times its left over cat food a cigar and whatever I can garner from the dish towel that’s been left out (I’m not serious.)

    Well on the second half of my Sonoma trip I went to El Dorado Kitchen with mis compadres and had lunch. Across the street was The Girl and the Fig, which had a supposed 45 min. to an hour wait (I didn’t believe that for a second.) At least one member of our party could not wait to eat so we went to the restaurant five feet away that had a negative two day wait (it was one of Sonoma’s busiest days ever and they had three tables.. all I’m sayin’.) The beet salad looked cute with three cubes of golden beets all pretty like, and then we shared a fried vegetable platter that was decent.

    For my entree I consumed a salad that was a wannabe Cobb yet tasted worse than airplane food. No seriously it had that nasty bacon with watery lettuce, bad dressing and all around made me wish I didn’t need to consume food ever again.

    Trying to place my meal behind me we left to get ice cream at Baskin Robbins two blocks away. It was so hot we San Franciscans wanted to take a taxi back (we didn’t.. we just wanted to.)

    After ice cream we went to a couple of wineries. The first shall not be named. The second was Cline Cellars.

    Cline Cellars was fun. Those behind the bar were retirees that just did it every so often for the free wine (or so I was told by one of them.) The ambient temperature was hot.. way too hot to enjoy their reds, but the chilled whites were nice for the price point. We grabbed a bottle of Pinot Gris and drank it outside by their catfish pond.

    Our wine assister Joe said about the 2009 North Coast Viognier that he “likes the heck out of it.” Of course his co-worker Sandra said “oh he says that about all the wines.”

    A great place to unwined this Cline Cellars is and a lovely finish to our Sonoma weekend.