• I’ve been asked how I choose what I write about, and my response is usually that I write about freedom, justice, life, and three legged pigeons… okaaaay, maybe not so much the first three.

    I have a hard time grasping the fact that anywhere up to a million people read what I write. I see the numbers and it’s staggering. I think to myself “Self… how should you entertain such a vast sum of people? Should I just write about wine? Should I be creative and funny?” Four years of writing about ‘wine and life’ is mind boggling.

    I had dinner at a friend’s house tonight. I’ve known this friend nearly my entire time awake on this planet. We talked about school for hours. We went to the same school from Pre-preschool until 9th grade. We talked about bullies, being picked on, getting in trouble for setting traps in the sand next to the lunar lander, bad teachers, fun teachers, carpool, homework, and cafeteria food.

    I often think about how long life is. It just drags on and on and on. I come across new friends and revisit old friends. I went from introvert to extrovert to I don’t care to extrovert to introvert to are we done yet?, and still the days keep coming and the world keeps spinning.

    Five months ago I knew exactly what I wanted from life and where I would ride the flow of time. I had been progressing in one direction for four years with each step carefully planned out ages in advance, and you throw in one monkey wrench and I find myself pondering what happened to this carefully constructed future?


    St Laurent


    It’s a little like a St. Laurent grape varietal wine I had tonight. The wine seemed to be an easy drinking light red, and then it got weird and funky. It tasted like an almond milk latte with too much espresso and strange, creamy almond milk. At first I liked it because it was different, but then it quickly went yuck. It was a little like the time I made a peanut butter, Tapatio and pizza tortilla. I’ve always had an affinity for white wine paired with peanut butter tortillas, so one day I was making one and thought hmmm let’s add this left over piece of pepperoni pizza. That might’ve worked, but I decided it needed some spice so I tossed a lot of Tapatio on the damn thing… big mistake. First bite I was like mmmmm tasty… peanut butter gooood, tortilla yum, pizza combo interesting, spicy mmm. Then I took a second bite… the Tapatio with the peanut butter started to get funky and suddenly I was questioning the odds of the food staying in my stomach.

    I have that feeling about life right now, but there is only one thing to do with life… and that is to just keep living it. Life is random and chaotic (like me) when it’s at its best. When life stagnates to a point where the days are unrecognizable from each other and nothing new happens, that is when something’s up.

    Be strong in who you are, continually grow and embrace your sense of self. Take the positive to heart and discard the negative (learning from it if you can).

    I looked at a photobook of a friend’s trip to Iceland, and there was a picture of a new island being created by a volcano. I thought ooo I wonder if anyone has claimed it? I totally want to go put a flag in the magma and say this is mine, I mean really… if it’s brand new it’s gotta be up for grabs.

    Yes, I digress.

    I had a killer wine tonight. It was a 2001 Roc Michel from the Mosby winery. It’s a blend of Syrah, Mourvedre and Viognier, and it was aged to perfection. I also imbibed a 2004 Dry Riesling from Gainey Vineyards that was stellar.

    So here we are at the close of a wine blog that barely talked about wine. It definitely wasn’t about any wine that anyone could find over the counter, but I’m okay with this post.

    I once thought about being a lion tamer, but instead of lions I would use hippos. Rawr.

    The end.