• Here I am writing on my birthday. I’ve begun consumption of an inexpensive Sauvignon Blanc, and started listening to  Tony Tribe “Red Red Wine.”


    I can’t seem to collect my thoughts. Distracted by music and my mind keeps drifting to people I’m thankful for, so if this one is a bit divergent, self indulgent and short you’ll have to forgive me.

    I talked last week about Champagne and how its named after the region in which it comes from. I did not talk about what all the other sparkling wine is however. Some is done in the exact same make up as Champagne. Same secondary fermentation. Same grape usage (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Munier are the only grapes they use.)

    Other sparkling wine is not fermented in the bottle a second time, but rather done entirely in a stainless steel tank. This method is called the Charmat method. A decidedly cheaper production method, but makes some fabulous Proseccos and Cavas.

    When you’ve fallen head over heals for an effervescent wine that has an aroma of toasty sourdough bread. Then you’ve more than likely fallen for a Champagne style wine. (my own personal favorite.) In order to repeat this love affair buy a Champagne because they are all at least a touch this way.

    I enjoy a good white wine with peanuts in the shell. There is something so satisfying about cracking the shell, licking the salt off your fingers and sipping the cold crisp wine. Its almost meditative in a way.

    I enjoy a good steak with red wine. If the steak is rich in marbleization Old World is the way to go. They tend to be higher in acid which helps reset the taste buds between bites. Cleansing the palate if you will.

    Old World is the old school countries like Italy and France. Where as New World would be U.S., Australia, and New Zealand among others.

    I just wanna thank everyone who reads this blog and is able to advance their knowledge without feeling like they’ve been eating sawdust like when reading most wine material.

    – Jonathan Hood