• Well Valentine’s Day came and went. Love filled the air. In fact I’m sure it’s going to be wafting its way through the weekend.



    In an effort to keep in tune with romance and emotion I will share a poem


                melodic rhythm

                            the never-ending ripples

                      gloom bearing clouds linger overhead

                light is all around but just out of reach

                            everything is waiting

                                the trees are quiet

                                        everything is waiting

                                             the leaves unmoved

                                                    everything is waiting

                                                          wind is faint with a promise of more

                                                                everything is waiting

                                        the cold is seeping in

                                                    pulling the warmth away

                                              the bristling of discarded paper

                                                          the breeze is stirring…  gaining…

                                                                  taking with it the will

                                                    the will to remain silent

                                        a whistle as the air moves

                                                                the leaves begin to dance

                                                    it is come

    one flies from the ground

       and then another

         and another

                 until a whirlwind

                      gives a cadence

                            shaping the dance

                       a sense of beauty

                   and with it

                   a warmth returns

                         to my heart

                             and to my soul



    I will leave you with only one wine today, because I like the idea of this being a simple thoughtful post


    2011 Domaine de la Noblaie Chinon Rosé


    From the Loire region in France, what better way to express love than to drink French rosé?

    Producer: Domaine de la Noblaie

    Varietal: Cabernet Franc

    90 Points | International Wine Cellar , July 2012

    Light orange.  Pungent, floral-accented aromas of redcurrant and cherry, with a spicy nuance in the background.  Taut and lithe but nicely concentrated, offering intense red fruit flavors and a late kick of candied anise.  Finishes bright and long, with resonating minerality and impressive focus.