• Two of my classes are 5th level classes (meaning you should be graduating soon). In my last class we were told to get in groups of four or five for discussion. The professor then asked four questions.

    “In non-psychbabble, meaning just use your own words, answer the following… 1) How did Psychology come about?  2) Define Psychology. 3) What were some major turning points in the creation of Psychology as a study? 4) Why do we study the history of Psychology?”

    I got in a group with two guys and a girl. One of the guys wrote for the group. I broke down each question and tried to coax some answers out of them. I started getting frustrated when I had to break down and define all the terms (like Gestault, Existentialism, Cognitive, Behaviorism, etc). I kept trying to get the girl to provide any input at all (I was basically doing 90% of the graded assignment, but at least the guys were trying). She kept refusing to help. I finally stopped and said, “Are all of you Psych majors?”


    “What year?”

    2 were Seniors the other a Junior

    “So you’ve taken all the intro courses right? Like PSY 200, 150, etc?”


    “and you don’t know this!?!”

    Sheepish faces

    “Well all right then” (moving on)

    To put it in wine terms, it would be like taking a class in wine called “A review of all things wine”. The crux being that you took the class after having taken all the classes that talk about wine. On the first day the professor asks you to list any varietal… any varietal at all.

    Um… Merlogne?

    Hmm, close… are you trying for Merlot?


    Then you just beat everybody in my group.




    My questions for you are:

    In non-winespeak, meaning just use your own words… What do you like about wine? Do you like a rich, fruit forward wine? Do you like lean crisp wine? Do you like your wine to take you on a journey, or do prefer just to float away on your wine-cation? White or Red? At tastings do you spit or is that boorish behavior?

    If you were picnicking in 78.5 degree Fahrenheit weather on a hike to Switzer Falls just above JPL in Altadena, and you brought cold-cuts sandwiches with chips and potato salad… what wine would you bring to go along with it?

    If your friend always drinks Beringer White Zinfandel with steak do you introduce them to red wine, or join in?

    Is there anything in particular you are curious about as far as wine goes?


    I’ve been at parties with multiple bottles of wine open and none of them were stellar. At times like those I often chuckle and try to mix my own blend. (This is frowned upon if the wine costs more than ten dollars a bottle.)


    Wine is versatile and so often it can make or break (if there isn’t any) a dinner or party.

    Send me a question or just answer mine why doncha?




    or post in the comments