• When we last left Jeff he was sassing the teacher..

    “Well, in the future pay more attention so I won’t have to repeat myself.”  This was the only rebuttal that Mr. Brobeck could come up with for what he perceived as gross insubordination.  Jeff shrugged and turned his attention back to his pen and began doodling.  As far as Jeff was concerned he had won the battle and wanted nothing more than to forget about school and the fact that he had three more periods left.

    The bell rang shortly after the teacher returned to his lecture.  Jeff got up from his desk and quickly left through the back door so as not to risk getting pulled aside by Mr. Brobeck.  Jeff’s next period was Computer class and he wanted nothing more than to skip, but it was an easy class.  All Jeff had to do was show up and he would get an A, and the way things were going he needed every good grade he could get.  So begrudgingly, Jeff traversed the hallway that led him to his next class with just enough time to stop by his locker and drop off his Algebra book so he wouldn’t have to carry it around.  Unfortunately for Jeff his locker happened to reside right next to Marscott High School’s most prominent bully, Bobby Cass.

    Now unbeknownst to Jeff, Bobby was the product of two loving parents who only had one child, a modest amount of money, and ample free time to spend nurturing their son.  They loved and cared for him, trying not to spoil him, yet making sure he was provided for.  If Jeff were asked to guess as to Bobby’s upbringing he would have immediately responded with,  “He must have been raised by trolls or a bunch of goblins.”  He thought this way because for all the care that Bobby exuded one could feed an ant. Then of course Bobby would have proceeded to take a magnifying glass and focus light until a scorching beam emitting from said magnifying glass would pop the cared for ant causing a gruesome smile to grace Bobby’s otherwise horrible visage.  Taking into consideration Bobby being an oddity as far as the standard formula of good parents = good child is concerned, one might think that Jeff would try to better understand why this outcome was achieved, but that was not the case.

    Jeff merely wanted to avoid Bobby at all costs.  He even went to the dean and asked if there was any way he could get a locker transfer, but the dean informed him that all the lockers were being used and that he should feel privileged to have the one he was given because a few unfortunate freshmen didn’t even get a locker.  Jeff therefore continued to use his current locker because for the time being, putting up with Bobby was favorable to carrying all his books with him around school.  The only reason it was the slightly better choice was because Bobby rarely ever carried books.  In fact he almost never even went to his classes.  He preferred to go to the corner liquor mart and purchase cigarettes which he wasn’t old enough to buy but was allowed to anyway because the guy running the register was only a couple of years older than Bobby and could care less about whether an underage high school student was smoking.  Bobby would then smoke the entire pack of cigarettes with a few of the school’s lesser bullies throughout the course of the school period.  He only occasionally set foot in school and then it was usually to dodge truancy cops and school security or to bother Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, janitors, teachers, deans, counselors, well actually anyone he came into contact with while at school.  It was as if he had a vendetta against everyone, but that was doubtful especially since he couldn’t even spell the word let alone tell someone what it meant.

    Jeff opened his locker and put away the Algebra book which he didn’t actually use in class today, but it was necessary to bring the book for the teacher’s sake if nothing else.  As soon as Jeff pulled his hand from the open locker, Bobby slammed it shut.  “Ow!”  Jeff yelled from shock even though the door didn’t even touch him.

    “Did I say you could open my locker?”  Bobby interrogated Jeff….



    Some wine likes to bully you into liking it. When a wine is just big, in your face, and over the top with fruit it’s akin to the guy that pours cologne all over just to get noticed.



    I like the subtle elegant and complex wines when quaffing unless I have a big steak to go with it.


    So I’m going to give you two sexy wines that I found delicious and two club you to death wines for your steak nights (or you could do a style comparison side by side.)


    2011 Hippolyte Reverdy Sancerre


    100% Sauvignon Blanc, this wine is from Sancerre in the Loire Valley in France. It pairs fabulously with raw oysters and shellfish, and has been reviewed at around 90pts nearly every year by nearly every reviewer out there. Its bright acid and citrus make it fabulous with most Asian cuisine. It’s a little higher priced at about $24, but if you find a less expensive Sancerre they at least generally have the same taste profile.


    2009 Laboure Roi Bourgogne Rouge”Maximum”


    Burgundy Pinot Noir is one of my faves. I picked this one because you can order online through K&L for only $10.99 a bottle, and it’s delicious.

    Wine Enthusiast talks it up:

    “With its attractive light red berry fruits and soft tannins, this an open style of Pinot Noir. It does show considerable acidity to go with the fruit. A smoky hint from the wood aging shows through at the end.  (12/ 2011)”


    2008 Ravenswood “Teldeschi” Dry Creek Zinfandel

    Big and concentrated, but coming in at only $19.99 it drinks like a $40 Zin.

    90 points Wine Enthusiast:

    “There’s nothing subtle about this Zin. It’s rich and ripe in fruit and spices, flooding the mouth with wild, briary blackberry and mulberry flavors. Drink this exuberant young wine with spicy meats. The world’s greatest hamburger or cheeseburger would not be out of place.   (12/ 2011)”


    2009 Qupé Central Coast Syrah

    Their Central Coast Syrah is always on point and cheap at $14.99

    89 points Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate:

     “The 2009 Syrah Central Coast is a fresh, vibrant wine. An expressive bouquet melds into layers of dark red fruit. The feminine, delicate side of Syrah comes through in this understated, poised wine. This is a striking wine considering it accounts for approximately half of the estate’s total production in 2009. Anticipated maturity: 2012-2017.   (8/ 2011)”


    Don’t let the wine bully you. Find something with a little complexity and I think you’ll enjoy it more.

    -Jonathan Hood