• When you just need to calm the _____ down

  • bola2
  • Wine has a way of calming those of us who are easily excitable. When the day has been harsh, and you just want to take a break from the madness, wine is the answer. When I was a kid (not a baby goat, but a young child,) my friend’s mom told me the doctor prescribed two glasses of red wine a day to help with her nerves, as she had…

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  • Benziger… the Sonoma king of Biodynamic farming

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  • The last two articles I posted were on the grandiose methods of Biodynamic farming. The impetus for these articles was a private tour and tasting at Benziger Family Winery. Their estate vineyards are done entirely using these methods. In some ways the labor needed to put together such an organic ecosystem is mind boggling, but with almost two dozen family members helping they seem to have it well under control. Arriving at the vineyard I immediately was impressed by the people…

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