• Pythagoras proposed the Earth was round and not flat around 500 BC

    Copernicus told us the world was not the center of the universe in the mid-1500s.

    Galileo was condemned by the Catholic Church for defending Copernicus over one hundred years later.

    Anton van Leeuwenhoek gave us the gift of seeing microorganisms (thank him for cooties) in the late 1600s

    Later germs were reinforced by Louis Pasteur (1860s) shortly after Darwin introduced the Theory of Evolution.

    Not long after the Theory of Evolution was published, the first remains of the Tyrannosaurus rex were found (coincidence? I think not).

    In the 1940s Oswald (different one) proved we have DNA and not just goopy stuff.

    In the late 90s Clinton received fellatio.

    They cloned a wooly mammoth last week (maybe), and I have it on good authority that the ability for time travel is just two years away.

    Before ANY of this stuff happened people were making wine.

    Why the oldest wine bottle found dates back to 325 AD, but Jesus made wine long before that.

    and now for a taste of something completely different…

    WARNING! The following is school stuff mixed with wine stuff.

    I’m taking a class on Behavior Analysis, and in the textbook they made a correlation between wine and Behaviorism. I found it quite entertaining.

    Social Validity: is the correlation between ratings by outside judges and observations by trained observers. By correlating the ratings of a behavior by outside judges with the observations of trained observers, we can see if the common meaning of the behavior matches our behavioral definition.

    Wine tasters judge the characteristics and acceptability of a batch of wine . They are judging its social validity.”

    – excerpt from Principles of Everyday Behavior Analysis by L. Keith Miller



    I just shared a bottle of this with two friends, and was in heaven. It’s different, but oh so good. They have it available online at K&L Wines for $27.99. If you have the means I highly recommend you pick one up.


    2003 Lopez de Heredia “Viña Gravonia” Crianza Blanco Rioja





    Speaking of wine tasters judging social validity, here are a couple of tasting profiles validating some (expletive)..


    91 points Wine & Spirits

    “A mild and creamy 2003, this shows the heat of the vintage in a gentle peppery burn. There are cool cellar tones to keep it balanced, the wine’s flavors gaining freshness, building toward lemon custard and cham­omile scents as it opens with air.”

    90 points Stephen Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar

    “Full gold. A perfumed, complex bouquet evokes dried pit fruits, honey and toasted nuts, with floral and beeswax accents adding complexity. Deep, fleshy and broad, offering chewy peach, pear skin and candied almond flavors lifted by gentle acidity. Closes with firm grip and very good persistence, leaving floral and honey notes behind.”


    The enjoyment of food and wine is fleeting. Even if the wine has a finish that lasts for a minute, when that minute is over another sip is needed. When you open your next bottle of good wine, take your time with each sip and contemplate the universe. Enjoy the moment and I promise you that you will remember that bottle of wine more vividly.


    – Jonathan Hood