• Acidity, Tannin, Weight and Balance

    There are so many components in how one experiences a wine. It’s not just whether the wine tastes good or bad, but more how the wine achieved the result it did. When I take a sip of wine to determine whether I like it or not. I like to reflect on the parts that make the whole namely acidity, tannin, weight and the balance.

    Some of what I’m going to talk about I’ve touched on in the past, but this discussion needs these inclusions to feel complete.

    Acidity is one of the most crucial and important parts.

    It’s the salivating and puckering sensation one feels, like when you taste lemon juice. Without a good amount of acidity the wine will taste flat, boring and as wine geeks like to call it flabby. With too much acidity the wine is more of a slap in the face, and all one can taste becomes that tart pucker leaving you with no room to experience the fruit.

    In order to get just the right amount a wine maker will try to harvest the grapes at the perfect apex. A point in the grape’s life when the sugar levels have risen which in turn drop the acid levels to a manageable level. If the sugars (or brix) get too high then the wine maker will have to add tartaric acid to the wine to prevent a blah wine. It also keeps the wine tasting fresh and helps it age with grace. Another method people use is harvesting the grapes at two different times to give it acidity (the early harvest) and rich lucious fruit. Emmolo Sauvingon Blanc is fabulous example of this method of wine making.

    Tannin is predominently found in red wine. It is that mouth drying sensation that you could duplicate by sucking on a popscicle stick. It comes from the seed, stem and skin of the grape and since white wines rarely stay in contact with these they don’t have tannins as a whole. Wines also derive this from the oak barrels they so often reside in. Oak tannins are usually the first felt and at the front of the tongue. Grape tannins are generally further back or….

    ..ever just want to enjoy wine and not think about why?


    I do.


    I’m going to enjoy this wine I am drinking and we will discuss again soon..