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Author’s Note:

Jonathan Hood

In my many years working in the wine industry as a wine director and wine buyer, I’ve developed a passion for wine in all its variations and nuances. For one who was never a fan of studying I couldn’t have picked a more study intensive career. You could taste non stop all the wines produced in a given year until the next year and never taste them all–not to mention memorizing all the wine makers, producers, regions, rules, methods, varietals, etc..

In retrospect I am glad that I didn’t know how difficult this path I’ve chosen would be, but now that I have.. I’m hooked. I love wine and all the amazing differences it has to offer. If you also love wine I will help make your path easier.

I have a word of caution for those of you advancing your knowledge and understanding of wine. The more you know the pickier you get and the more you thirst for the perfect wine.

So join me on a journey of discovery!

-Jonathan Hood