• I’d like to continue talking about my favorite region in California.

    Santa Barbara

    I left off with Longoria. Mosby is another winery that we frequented.

    At Mosby they produce almost entirely Italian varietals, and do a great job of it.  William ‘Bill’ Mosby is an eccentric ex-dentist who made the switch back in ‘98 to full time wine making.

    They have a no-frills tasting room, but they make grappa.

    They have a crappy shitter, but they make grappa.

    They make varietals that most Californians have never heard of like

    Teroldego, but even though the majority don’t know of some, most or all of these varietals. They are good, and they make grappa or as I like to call it ‘Italian moonshine.’

    Mosby is fun, but my absolute favorite is Foxen.

    Foxen has a slogan “If you don’t know FOXEN, you don’t know Dick…or Bill.”  They’re creatively referring to Bill Wathen and Dick Doré who have been making wine together since 1985.

    Many years ago I was buying wine for a restaurant in San Francisco and met with Jenny Doré. I was ecstatic about the Bien Nacido Block 8 Pinot Noir which she was showing. It wasn’t available for another month and became so highly rated that I was only allocated 6 bottles.  I called Jenny and was given access to 12 more bottles from her private stash.

    On a separate occasion I went to their tasting shack, as they call it, and when I told them about my interest they pulled about six different wines for me to try that weren’t available to the general public.  I’ve gotta say that of all the wineries I’ve visited, this one is in my top ten for guest care.

    They have a new tasting room (which I haven’t visited yet) that is solar powered. In fact the whole winery has been solar powered for two years now. Family owned for twenty six years and sustainable for twenty two they do it right.

    I love wine and I love family, so I am going to toast to both.